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The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein

Lean Trainings

Introducing Lean

Lean projects

Qulaity Lean training is essential for introducing a new way of thinking and for restructuring the company culture.
The objective of our trainings is to familiarise participants with the Lean philosophy and to introduce the use of well-established Lean tools. Trainings are conducted in an interactive and open atmosphere where participants have the opportunity to ask their questions and can choose from the modules the ones that best suit their needs of competencies .
Restructuring the company culture, the processes and the production is a great challenge but all efforts are compensated for by the savings that can be achieved in workshop results, quality indices and reaction time.
Our expertise colleagues have assisted several successful introduction of Lean and their participation in the project will bring the following benefits: preliminary assessment of savings potentials, drafting the schedule, carrying out projects, ensuring guarantee for achieving the target figures for savings.
Should you need experienced experts for solving specific problems, our colleagues, who can be selected based upon their references for the specific case, will be at your service. The best practices they are applying are the results of their experience gathered at other companies in similar cases, and which help solve even the most complex problems. The presence and contribution of our colleague, the well-structured Kaizen project, as well as the results expressed in numbers are the tokens for success.
Current open trainings
Our open Lean Production trainings take place at our partner’s premises. It provides great opportunity for extending associates’ views and for Bench Marking.
6-10/Feb/2023 Lean Green Belt Training